Vitality - with Turmeric & Vitamin C (Supplement)

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PetMio® Bites PLUS is a unique line of “Clean” dog supplements that uses real ingredients and is free from any artificial flavors or preservatives. Bites PLUS is scientifically formulated by our team of Veterinarians, Food Scientists, Data Scientists, and the powerful PetMio® Pet Health AI.


Our Vitality Supplement was designed to provide both short-term symptom relief and aid in longer-term recurring issues. It’s a three-part approach to a happy pet. First, we use turmeric as our all-natural anti-inflammatory to maximize comfort from soreness or aches. Second, we’ve added anise as a light mood enhancer to get their spirits up and provide a light boost of energy. Last, we’ve added plenty of vitamins as immunity boosters that target underlying issues that a healthier immune system could manage.


Almond Butter, Honey, Almond Flour, Pumpkin, Dried Banana, Egg, Unsweetened Shredded Coconut, Cinnamon, Natural Flavors, Turmeric, Anise, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.


PetMio Bites PLUS should be taken as a dietary supplement and as part of a healthy diet. This product is not intended to replace veterinary treatment for a medical condition. Do not exceed twice the Daily Recommended Treat dosage or your veterinarian’s instructions. Please monitor your pet while treating. To maintain freshness, refrigerate after opening and use within 30 days.


"Other ‘Vitality’ supplements are designed with a very unfocused approach. A multi-vitamin meets joint health…the problem is both of those solutions are long time investments in supplementation before you can see results typically on the order of weeks if not months. We decided to interpret Vitality as a now and moving forward supplement. To achieve this, Vitality was designed from a symptom relief approach for immediate results combined with solving recurring issues. Vitality is our three-prong approach to a happy pet. First, it’s an anti-inflammatory to maximize comfort if they are feeling soreness or aches, second, it’s a mood enhancer to get their spirits up, and lastly, it’s an immunity booster to start the process of helping with any underlying issues that could be managed by a healthier immune system."

- Kasra Farsad (Chief Food Scientist)