Our Origin Story: The Beginning Of PetMio

Updated: May 14, 2020

George Clooney ain’t got nothin’ on us.

I love to picture the early day conversations that led to PetMio in a style similar to Oceans 11, complete with the careful assembly of skilled team members to storm the casino. Instead of a casino, however, this team will infiltrate the pet food industry.

Maybe not quite as flashy, but the result will improve your pet’s quality of life and nutrition.

The Entrepreneur

Before PetMio, Pedro Moras was the lead in a product innovation group at a Fortune 500 company developing exciting new businesses.

While learning inside of a very large corporation was “fun”, he always knew he needed to branch out and launch a business that made an impact.

The Data Scientist

Steve O. Hernandez, PhD. and Pedro go way back from their time as undergrad and graduate students at Nova Southeastern University. Incredibly talented for all things tech, his big brain goes toe-to-toe with computers in the realms of Big Data and Computer Science.

With experience in both software and hardware, and equipped with a sharp business mind, he would prove an invaluable asset to creating PetMio.

The Veterinarian

Passionate and brilliant, Dr. Arlianne Velez packs a powerful two-punch in meeting the physical and emotional needs of her deserving four-legged patients. Early in her career, she recognized that she had to be one-part veterinarian and two-parts detective to get the information she needed to properly care for the pets. She toiled with ideas to make that process easier for everyone.

She also plays another important role in her life as Pedro’s wife, marrying him in December of 2016.

Starting Out

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