Meet The PetMio Team: Chief Food Scientist & Co-Founder Kasra Farsad

Q: Tell me a little about yourself.

Kasra: My earlier years were spent on the East Coast in Falls Church, VA where I was born. My family subsequently relocated to California to be closer to relatives. Family has always been a priority in my upbringing.  I was interested in science and engineering growing up which evolved into an education in Materials Science. This has allowed me to work on intricate experiments in a laboratory environment and develop large scale processes in production facilities.

Additionally, growing up in Silicon Valley during the dot com boom and the more recent technology boom has been influential. I have been to work for startups of all sorts on the cutting edge of their industry.    

Q: How did you find and join PetMio as a founding member?

K: Working in the startup environment, I am exposed to a lot of new technologies and a lot of interesting, talented people. While working on a previous project with Pedro, I realized very quickly how talented and passionate he was. So we stayed in touch. When Pedro and Steve were working on a new concept, they roped me in for the brainstorming session. That session eventually laid the groundwork for what is now PetMio.  

Q: What do you love most about your job?

K: We have the rare gift of pursuing a project where our success means success for our pets. It’s a huge project, and its pulling together all my past experiences. Feeling as if all I have done was preparation for this project is exciting and fulfilling. 

Q: Your past is more in human nutrition. How does that help you in PetMio, where your main focuses are dogs and cats?

K: As pets evolve into family members, it only makes sense to treat and feed them like family members akin to a human. I was initially hesitant because my background is in human and sports nutrition. After digging into pets and their nutritional needs I have been able to bring the depth of knowledge of human nutrition to the world of pet nutrition with the same goals.

Q: What excites you about PetMio?

K: When all’s said and done, we will be improving the day-to-day of pets and pet parents by taking the mystery out of their nutrition. Pets don’t have a voice of their own and can’t communicate their needs with us. That’s why it’s so exciting that technology has evolved to where it is now. Using wearables and other tracking technology, we are able to construct a voice for our pets on their personal nutrition.        

Q: What advice do you have for other budding entrepreneurs and their families thinking about taking the leap into a business they own?

K: Make sure it’s something you’re passionate about and you have multiple reasons for pursuing. Your families will support you in all your endeavors, but if it’s something they can get behind emotionally or socially it will turn a supportive family member into your biggest fan.  

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