Meet The PetMio Team: CEO Pedro Moras And Chief Veterinarian Arlianne Velez

Taking the leap into entrepreneurship as a business owner is always a risk. Jumping in with your spouse, however, makes things both a little easier and a little harder. These unique challenges are a daily reality and source of excitement for PetMio CEO Pedro Moras and

Chief Veterinarian Arlianne Velez. Meet the PetMio team and read on.

Helping you, the pet parents of PetMio, know more about the team behind your pet’s nutrition is hugely important to us. See a fun Q&A we did with the two of them below:

Q: Arlianne, when did you know you wanted to go into veterinary medicine?

Arlianne: Ever since I was a little girl, all I wanted to be was a vet. I have always had a passion for taking care of pets.

Q: Pedro, how did you get into business and product development?

Pedro: I started my career in a consumer appliance company developing different consumer products across different industries. I really like the concept of developing something from scratch that could improve someone’s life.

Q: When did you both meet?

Pedro: We met on Halloween 2012 in Fort Lauderdale. She was a cat, which figures I guess. I dressed as Al Capone. We got married December of last year.

Q: What do you love most about your job?

Arlianne: As a practicing veterinarian, I love having the opportunity to save the lives of pets. There is nothing more rewarding. On the PetMio side, working on something that can improve pet nutrition and help vets save more pets is really exciting.

Pedro: Working with a talented group of professionals to create something exciting is awesome. We’re developing such an extensive and intelligent ecosystem. PetMio continues to open the door to so many possibilities in creating new products and services that could make such an important impact in a pet parent’s life. Nutrition is just the first step. I’m really excited to see what is to come.

Q: What do you admire most about your spouse?

Arlianne: His vision and drive to bring PetMio to life and continuously overcoming hurdles is very inspiring. He never quits, is always positive, and is passionately dedicated to helping the pets that we’ll deliver to in PetMio.

Pedro: How passionate and dedicated she is to her patients. She takes home almost every case. Which isn’t great for lowing stress, haha, but shows how much she truly cares. I know in-depth details about so many of her cases, the complexity of the case, her treatment or surgical approach, how adorable the pet is and how amazing their family is. She really approaches every case as if it her pet and is extremely detailed in her approach.

Q: Who are your pets and what are they like? 

Pedro: We have two cats, Leo and Misha, both are an American shorthairs. Leo is a total mama’s boy, he’s obsessed with Arli. He also hates doors that are closed. He’ll complain about any door that is closed until you open it. And if it’s halfway open, he’ll actually close it and then complain about it.

Misha is attached to me. She’s very dedicated and won’t go to bed if I don’t. When I have one of my late nights working in the living room until 2-4am, she’ll be right next to my computer, barely awake, with her head bobbing back and forth from being sleepy. But she won’t leave me or sleep until I go to bed. She will start complaining to me or poking me with her paw when she is too tired.

Q: What is a fun fact about you?

Arlianne: I’m obsessed with Game of Thrones… I secretly wish my cat was Drogon – haha!

Pedro: Love sports overall but I’m a huge fan of soccer. Being from Brasil, that’s in my blood.

Q: What’s it like to work on a passion of yours?

Arlianne: It’s great because we are both passionate about what we are doing beyond just the typical career aspirations. We share this desire to bring something to life that we believe is revolutionary to the industry and all those around it. The tough part is turning off from it when we get home from work. The work/life balance thing can be very complicated for us.

Q: What advice do you have for other budding entrepreneurs and their families thinking about taking the leap into a business they own?

Pedro: Launching your own business is very exciting but it’s also challenging, risky and overwhelming. When you’re launching something new, time off is non-existent. The business is really a family affair. Everyone is involved or affected in one way or another. But with ultimate sacrifice could come life-changing success. Communication of expectations with everyone is essential: prepare everyone that everything taking longer, is more complicated and or more expensive than originally planned. You have to be willing to go “all in” and then be ok with the sacrifices that come with that commitment.

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