From Pet Lovers, To Pet Lovers

We began PetMio with the vision of creating amazing products for our pets while making our lives easier as pet parents. We believe our pets are family, so we set out to create PetMio Bites, a breakthrough pet treat made from human-grade ingredients in an FDA-approved human food facility. We’re excited to bring you treats that we are proud to give our pets that meet the standards of our own snacks.


Real food with no artificial preservative or weird sounding stuff. Crazy concept huh? We make our PetMio Bites in an FDA approved human food facility. We take a few bites ourselves before our own pets do.


PetMio Bites is one of the few pet treat products that can back the Human-Grade claim. Not only do we exceed pet food industry guidelines, we match many of the highest levels of human food standards through the ingredients we use and how we make your pet’s treats.