About Us


We are a pet health company. Our mission is to revolutionize the pet industry through nutrition and technology. We began PetMio® with the vision of creating unique products for our pets while making our lives easier as pet parents.

Every PetMio® product is thoughtfully formulated by our team of Veterinarians, Food Scientists, Data Scientists, and the powerful PetMio Pet Health AI.


Since we started PetMio®, we’ve always been deep-rooted in research and development. We were founded by a team of expert food scientists, veterinarians, data scientists, and pet nutrition experts. We spent years creating our intelligent animal nutritional algorithm that plays a vital role in every product we make.


Healthy, Delicious, and Human-Grade is our food mantra. We believe in the power of genuine and all-natural products. We use the highest quality ingredients that comply with the highest standards in human food. We surpass “pet food” industry standards by a long shot.

We never outsource formulation, use “off-shelf” recipes, or create “Frankenstein” recipes packed with fillers and 30+ ingredients that don’t serve a real purpose. Every product is thoughtfully formulated by our in-house nutrition and pet health experts. Each ingredient is carefully and purposefully selected to play a specific role while perfectly harmonizing with the overall recipe.


The PetMio® Innovation Lab is our R&D wing actively engaged in nutrition and technology research for pets. Each of our product lines starts here from Bites to Bites PLUS and beyond. Stay tuned; we have some exciting tech products launching in 2022.