Best Cat Food For Older Cats: What To Look For And What To Avoid

Best Cat Food For Older Cats: What To Look For And What To Avoid
For a cat, the golden years might mean more time lying in the sun, but it should also mean a few changes in daily diet. PetMio has a few tips for you on finding the best cat food for older cats.
Variety Isn’t the Spice of Life
Older cats, much like older humans, can get set in their ways. According to Nobuki Stobaeus, doctor of veterinary medicine, cats with a few years under their collar tend to be pickier about what they eat.
“With older cats, when you find a diet that they like, stick to it and try not to change it up too much,” Dr. Stobaeus suggests.
Because older cats can be more finicky about their meals, they often don’t get the nutrients they need. PetMio Chief Food Scientist Kasra Farsad recommends experimenting with alternative foods until you find something that agrees with your picky feline. 
Less is More
Because older cats aren’t as active as younger cats, they don’t need as many calories. According to Dr. Stobaeus, the decreased activity also means that older cats are more likely to gain weight. To avoid this, Dr. Stobaeus suggests feeding older cats diets that are specifically designed for them, or meals that are lower in protein and calories.
There is an exception – older cats with kidney disease may need more protein to prevent their muscles from breaking down.
According to Farsad, it’s better to feed older cats easily digestible proteins with high bioavailability, which allows a larger percentage of the food consumed to be digested and used properly. This helps older cats because they eat less overall and it can be more difficult for them to digest their food.
Drink Up
Older cats have a bit of a drinking problem, and it’s that they don’t drink enough. According to Farsad, elderly cats tend to consume less water in their older years, so it’s important to get them their H2O using other methods, such as feeding them snacks with a high water content or adding flavors to their water to assist in consumption.
Supplement to Prevent
Taking some preventative measures with your aging cat’s diet could help protect them from health issues later on. According to Dr. Stobaeus, incorporating fish oil into your older cat’s diet will help with kidney function, brain function, and arthritis, in addition to providing numerous other benefits. Also, you should always make sure your cat’s diet includes taurine, an amino acid that is important for vision and heart function.
The Best Cat Food For Older Cats? It May Vary By Feline
With these tips and the advice of your veterinarian, you can find the best cat food for older cats. So hit the shelves and pick the perfect food for your picky pet.